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The Environment Public Authority was established upon Resolution No. 21, 1995 amended by Resolution No. 16, 1996. In 2014, the new Environment Protection Law No. 42 was established, and some provisions in Law No. 99 were amended in 2015, stipulating the following:

  • Environment Public Authority is a public authority of judicial personality and has an affiliated budget concerned with environment affairs and has the general control on environment affairs in the state and it’s affiliated to the council of ministers and under supervision of supreme council of environment.
  • The authority is concerned with undertaking all works and tasks as to protecting environment in the country and especially as follows:
  • Setting and applying the general policy in the state as to protecting environment and setting strategies and work plans as to protecting environment and maintaining natural resources and natural systems and achieving permanent development objectives including the scientific, environmental and health standard proper for man’s living and so industrial and urban expansion and use of natural resources ensuring the perseverance of environmental balance in general.
  • Preparing and supervising the execution of comprehensive works plans including all what is related to environment protection on the short and long term, and so in coordination with concerned authorities in the state in the light of environment policies.
  • The authority supervises the activities, procedures and practices concerned with environment protection and so following up and evaluating thereof.
  • Defining pollutants and set standards of environment quality and prepare drafts of law, bylaws and requirements concerning environment protection and execute thereof and set controls required to prevent, decrease and control environment pollution and so in coordination with concerned authorities in the state.
  • Prepare and participate in guiding and supporting research and studies in the field of protecting environment and maintain its resources and achieve environment development and follow up the evaluation of its results and execute recommendations issued thereof via concerned authorities in the state.
  • Define issues resulting from environment pollution and its degradation in cooperation with local and international organizations concerned with environment and suggest proper solutions and follow up their application.
  • Study regional and international treaties concerned with environment affairs and provide opinion as to joining thereof in coordination with concerned authorities, and in cooperation with these organizations and coordination therewith as to executing the items of these treaties.
  • Follow up new advents of international law in th field of environment protection.
  • Coordinate relations of the state with international and regional organizations concerned with environment affairs.
  • Set the general framework for the program of environmental edification, education and awareness and leverage the level of environmental awareness and achieve positive social interaction in the field of environment protection.
  • Develop and execute comprehensive environment surveys and so programs of continuous control for environment standards and indicators in all environment sectors and make environmental detection and measurement processes and continuous follow up for environment quality.
  • Set a comprehensive plan to face environmental catastrophes and take procedures required to face thereof in the times of war and peace and this in cooperation with environment authorities.
  • Set a comprehensive work plan to support establishments and civil society and work on qualifying society sector about the ways and methods of environment protection and this is in cooperation with concerned authorities.
  • Prepare a system to evaluate the environmental outcome for different state projects and develop guiding signs and procedures required and give opinion thereon before the approval of its execution from concerned authorities.
  • Study the environment reports provided thereto about environment statuses in the country and take required procedures thereto, and prepare an annual report including the general environmental status and environmental performance for state organizations in state of Kuwait.
  • Prevent approval for companies, establishments and consultation firms specialized in preparing the evaluation of environmental outcome or provision of environmental consultations or revision, and entities working in the field of services and labs to practice these activities.
  • Establish and develop a comprehensive environmental database for the state and work on improving the mechanisms of taking environmental resolutions and achieve electronic correlation with state authorities and exchange data among them.
  • Prepare data and indicators about state of Kuwait and publish them in official reports and statistics of the authority and related entities inside and outside the country.
  • Set standards and requirements to be executed by project and establishment owners and take procedures provided against violators of these standards and terms.